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The purpose of mandatory continuing legal education requirements for the members of the Paralegal Section of the State Bar of Montana is to improve the competence of its member paralegal through training in ethics, professional responsibility and substantive areas of the law.

Based on the belief that interaction with others contributes to the learning process, a significant portion of these continuing education requirements should be satisfied by interactive seminars or by such methods that allow for interaction among the participants and the instructor by electronic means.

All members of the Paralegal Section must comply with these Rules, subject to the need to accommodate special circumstances, as long as they remain members of the Section.

Regulatory authority for these Rules rests with the Paralegal Section Council of the State Bar of Montana.

These Rules will be administered by the Professional Responsibility Committee of the Paralegal Section of the State Bar of Montana (PRC.) The PRC shall administer the program in a costeffective manner, with the aim being to neither generate revenue nor produce financial losses for the Bar or the Paralegal Section.

The Section Council should conduct an on-going evaluation of the effectiveness of Continuing Legal Education requirements of the Paralegal Section.